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dance, sound, performance, and digital media artist

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the boi is...

Majesty Royale-Jackson is a dancer, performance maker, sound explorer, and ghost occupying liminal spaces. Living in geographical and ideological spaces not meant to support bodies like mine; my making is about finding, creating, and traversing alternative spaces more suited to the expansive truth of human liveness. 


This is Perseus in Medusa drag: weighted by naming, lightened by largeness.


My work confronts claims of ownership on the body by engaging in radical defiance of how one should be. I employ the methods of flamboyance, language reconstruction, community building, coded language, voice, glitter, and sweat. Through these practices, I intend to loose myself and others of the constraints of a singular reality in search of new realnesses.





My work says yes to a desirous body. No to shame. Yes too you’re fucked up grammah and the choices made in yo vernaculah. Yes to your sissy walk. No to the violence of code switching and yes to the multiplicity of self. No to distillation and replaceability. Yes to my body. And yes to rest from the labor of holding all of those things. I assert entitlement to a full range of (re)presentation; including but not limited to visibility, invisibility, multi-visibility, super-existence, mundanity, spectacularism, and slippage. When I feel the temptation to become more palatable, I do my dance to remind me of my flavor, my flyness.

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Photo by Maria Barranova, courtesy of New York Live Arts



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